Antonio Lasala

Friendsheep Shortfilm (2011)

During the last 6 months of my animation master at Primerframe (Valencia), we did a shortfilm with real working conditions. Our director was Jaime Maestro, and the production lasted for 9 intensive months with the participation of 16 students


My role was as lighting artist, but I did also composition, FX’s and inorganic modelling. During the latest months, due to my involvement in the process, the director appointed me as lighting supervisor for my worthy efforts


Special mention to my collaboration in testing the voxel-render beta for particles and hair of Maxwell Render, the render engine we used for rendering the whole shortfilm


Friendsheep’s blog:



Halo Faith Shortfilm (2011)

The shortfilm was produced by people from all around the world, working through the internet.

Mi position took place during the initial lighting tests. My objetive, look for and test the best way for lighting and rendering aerial scenes, having in mind the optimization of the scenes due to the short deadlines. My job was concentrated on the “falcon” aerial scenes, evaluating lights and deth of fields in different environments for a photorealistic looking. I used Vray and Maxwell Render.

Entering the Mausoleo (2012)

These scenes were created by my own taking base on an idea that come to my mind during some color key drawing for a videogame which I’m collaborating with. From beggining to end, it’s created as a traditional lighting exercise, like those used in large USA productions.

During the process, I avoided any use of GI and post-production. From native render directly to final video.

Also, here you have the original color keys.



Good Old Times (2012)

As a personal project, I’m producing a shortfilm by myself, creating everything, from storyboard to final composition. It will be in production untill early 2013. The objetive of this shortfilm is more artistical than technical, looking for an interesting environment using a wide variety of lighting techniques.



Interior Scenes (2011+)

Working as freelance I’ve done many interior furniture scenes. Here you have some of them.

Other Stuff

Other projects from my student days or that I feel special interest.